How to choose a dentist in Philadelphia

How to choose a dentist in Philadelphia

If there’s one thing in Philadelphia has enough of, it’s dentists. Are you looking for Philadelphia’s best dentist aka the Best Dentist in Philadelphia? At 1601 Walnut Street in Center City (The Medical Arts Building) alone, there are no fewer than 20 dental offices. In one building. With so many options, how does a patient choose a dental office that’s right for them? There’s plenty to consider. Let’s review some of the factors that may help you make your decision.

Location – this one is obvious. Is it near your favorite Center City bar / restaurant / Salon (Rescue Spa, for example – . Maybe you take the train to/from the office, etc. These are all considerations that will be the first step in narrowing down your search.

Insurance – Do you care if an office PARTICIPATES with your insurance? NOTE: “Accept” and participate are not the same thing and you can be misled by some offices about this. More to come about this topic in a future post. Insurance often provides a significant savings with In-Network providers, but not all in-network providers are created equal. Some are great – others aren’t. At Noble Dental, we take pride in the high quality and comprehensive care we provide. And we know there are lots of other great practices in Philadelphia. We see the good, the bad and the ugly almost every day.

Website – The way a practice presents itself online often tells a lot about the office. Has the website been updated in the past 3 years? A dated website can be a sign of a practice that may not be keeping up with the latest trends and techniques. Keep in mind, however, that many practices are small businesses and the owner/dentist may not be interested in putting forth the effort and investment in a cutting edge website. At Noble Dental, we think it’s an important indicator of the type of practice we run.
Another potential sign: a website that’s particularly busy (×554.png) or salesy. A bunch of coupons and introductory offers may be a sign of high turnover. If you’re interested in developing a reputation with a practice long-term, be mindful of what their marketing looks like.

Longevity – when was the practice started? How long has the doctor been there? Of course, doctors retire and new associates come on – you want to see a dentist with a blend of experience and exposure to new techniques. However, if a practice is a revolving door of providers, it’s a likely red flag. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked by patients until a problem arises and it’s too late. At Noble Dental here in Center City Philadelphia, many of our new patients come for a second opinion or are referred by existing patients because they’ve had a less than ideal experience at a group dental office with.

Word of mouth/Reviews – Yes, most doctors dislike Yelp and online reviews. Noble Dental doesn’t agree with that 100%. While it’s often helpful to look and see what others have said about an office, make sure that online reviews (from people you’ve never met) aren’t your primary source of referral for a practice. Talk to a friend and find out.

Interested in seeing what we have to offer? Give the office a call at 215-567-0521. See what they say about us online. Regardless of who you choose, be sure to be seen at a dental office routinely (twice a year, give or take)!