Complex and Full Mouth Dentistry

At Noble Dental we have patients who have come in and are completely unhappy with their smile. Some of the patients, have not seen a dentist in a while and are missing multiple teeth. Some have worn down all their teeth and are ready for a new smile. At Noble Dental, we pride ourselves on being able to help patients with complex and full-mouth dental needs and give them the smile and teeth they have always wanted and deserved.

Complex and full-mouth rehabilitation cases sometimes requires procedures outside of Noble Dental, with an interdisciplinary team of specialists. At Noble Dental, we serve as your “quarterback” by creating a final treatment plan and goal. Then we help facilitate your appointments within our office and with the specialists in the neighborhood. We have a personal relationship with each of the specialists we refer to and have ongoing direct communication with them throughout your treatment. This is so we can ensure you receive the smile you want and deserve in a smooth, seamless process.

At Noble Dental we are experienced with developing the smile you want whether it is through crown and bridge or implants and implant prostheses. We work with you to determine what your goals are and develop a treatment plan that fits to those goals. We strive to provide you with a smile that is esthetic and functional through our extensive understanding of the structures that make up your smile (the tissues, teeth and muscles) and the biology of all these structures.