Why You Should Straighten Your Teeth?

Why You Should Straighten Your Teeth?

Everyone might think that straight teeth is only beneficial cosmetically, but at Noble Dental your go to Philadelphia Dentists, we suggest our patients to straighten their teeth with Invisalign not just to improve your smile. Aligned teeth allow for more effective brushing and flossing. Reducing crowding allows for your toothbrush to reach more of tooth structure and allows you to be able to floss easier. Crowded teeth are hard for not only you to keep clean, but also for dental hygienist to clean around all of the teeth and roots. Not being able to clean around crowding teeth can mean you are more susceptible to gingivitis (inflamed gums) which could lead to periodontitis (loss of bone around the teeth) and eventually loss of the teeth.  These are reasons you should look for a great Philadelphia Dentist that not only evaluates crowding and discusses with you the potential effects of not correcting, but also offers solutions such as invisalign.

Other than crowding, at Noble Dental we also evaluate if you might need your teeth straightened due to a deep overbite. When patient have deep overbites they often start to see a lot of wear on their top and bottom front teeth. While the wear becomes less esthetic over time due to the appearance of short teeth, the most concern problem is the potential to break the front teeth. With a deep overbite, everytime you move your jaw, your lower teeth are immediately colliding into you top teeth, at first this may cause some chipping, but over time this could eventually lead to breaking the front teeth. Moving the teeth into the correct position so that there isn’t the colliding forces can help you maintain your teeth over a long period of time!

These are the reasons we offer our patients to move their teeth with invisalign at Noble Dental, they not only help reduce the chances of periodontitis and breaking your teeth, but can give you a smile you are proud of!

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